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Virgin kraft slip Sheets

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QUICK PROFIT ! For the use of Slip Sheets all you need is a Push/Pull -device, which you can get from your nearest fork-lift truck supplier. The device is suitable for any standard fork-lift truck and the investment repays itself faster than you would think. You will get freer container space and save in handling and purchasing costs.

A slip sheet is a flat sheet of solid fibreboard, or plastic (PE) sheet with tabs on one or more sides. It can be deployed as an alternative to the traditional wooden pallets for unitisation of the load during warehouse storage and transport. Using slip sheet requires a forklift truck with a special hydraulic push-pull attachment.

Once the shippers are stacked with load on the slip sheet, the tab is clamped by a gripper on the hydraulic arms, which then pulls the load onto the forklift tines.” “Now when the forklift moves to the desired location, the hydraulic arms push the load along with slip sheet off the tines and the gripper releases the tab.”

Slip sheets are designed in such a way that the coefficient of friction of the top surface is greater than that of the bottom surface. So that it doesn’t suffer load shifting during loading and unloading. At the same time, the lower COF of the bottom surface enables easy loading and unloading when the hydraulic arms pull and push the slip sheet,

  • Made up of high strength virgin kraft paper
  • Handled with a push pull equipment
  • Minimal weight
  • Optimum use of shipping space in a container
  • Available in custom dimensions


• Material cost savings up to 80%
• Transport cost savings up to 15%
• User-friendly handling
• Easy recycling
• Minimum space needed for the storage
• 1000 Slip Pallets =1 m3
• 1000 pallets = 70 m3
• Improved hygiene

Say goodbye to:

1. Expensive pallets
2. Treatment of wooden pallets
3. Return and exchange of the pallets
4. Repair and loss of pallets
5. Hazardous nails or splinters
6. Unhygienic pallets
7. Administration and circulation control costs

Benefits of slip sheets:

• Reduces the cost of materials, freight, labour, repair, storage and disposal.
• Compatible with standard forklifts outfitted with Push-Pull attachments, roller forks and modern conveyor systems.
• Ideal for both domestic and international shippers.