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Paper IBC


Paper intermediate bulk container is an ideal way to ship large volumes of liquid.
High Strength Polyethylene inner liner
High Strength Card board outer container with Wall Thickness – 9 Ply or 45MM
Product is fully Biodegradable and recyclable
Suitable for all Non-Dangerous Goods Applications
Suitable for cool room storage & chilled reefers for export.

Type: Pillow&cube
Capacity: 220L-1400L ( 220L,1000L,1200L,1400L)
Cost-saving: One 20ft container can load max. 20MT with Paper IBC, loading 25% more volume than packing with drums, which can load max. 16MT per 20ft container.

PAPER IBC made of corrugated board , for easy transportation and storage.
Capacity: 1000 litres
Loading/Unloading: Top load Top discharge, top load bottom discharge
Inner Material: Food Grade low density polyethylene
Accessories: Pallet, electric heating pad are available as optional choice

Assembly & Usage video:

Key Benefits of PAPER IBC Containers:

Cost saving:
20ft Container can load max 20MT with Paper IBC, 25% more than drums which can load 16MT per 20ft container

Space Efficiency:
Intermediate bulk containers enable businesses to maximize the volume of liquid chemicals that can be stored in a given amount of space compared to chemical drums. This particular benefit is due to the cubic shape of the containers, which enables them to be stacked four-high.

Save Time:
IBC tanks are easy to load and unload because either a forklift or pallet jack can be used to complete both of these tasks in approximately twenty minutes. Unloading a truck with chemical drums is a more laborious task, which uses up valuable time that costs your business more money.

Eliminate Waste:
1000 Litres of chemicals can be stored in one IBC tank, which offers advantages in terms of eliminating waste while discharging and draining the containers. Five chemical drums are required to store the same amount of liquid as one intermediate bulk container; draining five containers inevitably leads to more waste.

In a world where businesses increasingly emphasize environmentally sustainable solutions, IBC containers offer an eco-friendly way to store chemicals. The composition of IBCs is such that they are fully recyclable; containers that have come to the end of their service life can be reprocessed into other useful products.

Highly Effective:
Easy Installation and operation, no need to change loading equipment, 1 Person can finish installation within 1 minute.

Sturdy and Durable:
One single Paper IBC could withstand 8000kg, could be stacked with 3 layers for storage space saving.